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April 5, 2023

Hey There,

So, you've got this cool education company or an awesome EdTech startup, right? Now, imagine having a super helper tool to make things run smoothly. That's where the Best Edtech CRM comes into play!

Okay, first things first: The Best Edtech CRM stands for Educational Technology Customer Relationship Management. Sounds a bit fancy, huh? But don't worry, it's not rocket science.


Importance of Choosing the Best Edtech CRM

let's talk about why picking the Best Edtech CRM is a big deal, and guess what? Tabbly is like the superhero of all CRMs for education! 🚀

1. Smooth Sailing for Everyone: Picture your school or education company as a big ship. The Best Edtech CRM, like Tabbly, is the captain steering it. It makes sure everything runs super smoothly, from students signing up to teachers teaching like rockstars.

2. Happy Students, Happy Teachers: Tabbly makes sure students and teachers are the stars of the show. Teachers can easily talk to students, share cool stuff, and keep track of how everyone is doing. It's like a backstage pass to a concert of learning!

3. No More Paper Piles: Remember those crazy times with stacks of papers everywhere? Tabbly turns that chaos into order. No more searching for lost papers – it's all digital, making your life way easier.

4. Smart Choices with Tabbly Data: Tabbly is like the wise owl of the education world. It helps you make smart choices by using data. You'll know what's working amazingly well and what needs a little boost. Smart choices mean a happy and successful education journey!

5. Fast and Furious – in a Good Way: Tabbly is the Flash of EdTech CRMs. It does things at lightning speed, from enrolling students in a flash to checking grades faster than you can say "A+." It's like having a speedy sidekick making sure nothing slows you down.

6. Easy Peasy for Everyone: Tabbly is for everyone, not just tech wizards. It's designed to be super easy for teachers, students, and even those who might not be tech pros. No need for a tech degree – just dive in and start making education awesome!

So, there you have it – choosing Tabbly as your EdTech CRM is like having a superstar on your team. It makes everything better, brighter, and more fun in the world of education!

Some Kickass Features of Tabbly CRM

In the dynamic world of education, having a Best Edtech CRM that not only keeps pace but sets the rhythm is a game-changer. Tabbly the Best Edtech CRM emerges as the true rockstar, offering a lineup of features that can turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

Let's dive into the epic world of Tabbly's kickass features that are revolutionizing the way education is managed and experienced.

Advanced Call Recording and Call Tracing CRM 

Imagine never missing a beat in your conversations and sealing deals like a pro. With Tabbly CRM's Cloud-Based Call Recording, you've got the ultimate tool to keep track of every chat and conversation effortlessly as an Edtech company Owner. It's like having a trusty sidekick that never forgets, ensuring you're always on top of things.

Track Agent Calls & Logs add another layer of superpower to Tabbly. Now, not only can you keep tabs on all your interactions, but you can also easily navigate through agent calls and logs. It's your shortcut to efficient deal closing, making sure nothing slips through the cracks.

And guess what? TabblyTabbly throws in a bonus – Lifetime Free Storage. No need to worry about running out of space; Tabbly's got your back with a storage space that lasts a lifetime.

Connect all your Lead Generation Sources

Connect all your lead generation sources effortlessly with Tabbly The Best Edtech CRM. Whether it's Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or website forms, Tabbly makes it a piece of cake to gather leads from all these places.

Imagine the convenience of integrating with 10+ portals and tools, bringing all your data under one roof. Plus, Tabbly ensures you never miss a beat by sending lead alerts whenever there's a new potential connection.

For an EdTech company, this is like having a superpower. It means all the information from Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and website forms flows seamlessly into Tabbly.

This unified system not only saves time but also allows the company to track leads effectively.

With alerts for new leads, it's like having a personal assistant, ensuring no opportunity is overlooked. 

Add Unlimited Team Members

Tabbly CRM is all about effortless teamwork for your education organization. You can add as many team members as you want, easily manage their access levels, and even send them unique joining links.

Whether assigning admin superpowers or regular member roles, Tabbly streamlines your team management.

For EdTech companies, this translates to smoother collaboration, better organization, and hassle-free operations – a winning formula for success!

Automate Lead Distribution & Routing

Imagine your leads getting assigned automatically like clockwork! Tabbly the Best Edtech CRM does it all – using the Round Robin system, leads are distributed fairly among your team, making sure everyone gets a chance to shine.

No more manual headaches – just smooth sailing!

But wait, there's more! Tabbly also lets you bulk assign leads, saving you time and effort. Picture this: a few clicks, and your leads find their perfect match. Easy peasy!

And here's the kicker – Tabbly doesn't forget about leads. If they've been chilling for too long without attention, Tabbly steps in and auto-reassigns them within 24 hours.

It's like having a personal Lead management crm that never takes a break!

Track Entire Team Activity

In TabblyTabbly CRM, you can effortlessly keep tabs on your whole team's hustle by tracking their calls and emails.

Imagine having a backstage pass to see who's making moves and reaching out to potential leads. Plus, with the Team Leaderboards feature, you can turn this tracking into a friendly competition.

It's like a scoreboard for your team's success – who doesn't love a bit of healthy competition? And if you're all about digging into the nitty-gritty details, Tabbly lets you export reports that show how your team is closing deals versus where those leads are coming from. It's like having a map to success!

EdTech company using Tabbly can benefit big time. Here's the scoop: Tabbly helps your team stay connected, boosting collaboration.

With leaderboards, everyone feels motivated and part of a winning team. Tracking calls and emails means you're always in the loop, and exporting those deal breakdowns?

That's like having a treasure map to find out what's working best.

Set Follow Ups

Setting follow-ups is like having a personal assistant for your schedule. With Tabbly, you can breeze through your day effortlessly.

Get meeting reminders to keep you on track, fix follow-ups instantly with the calendar feature, and reschedule with the utmost ease. It's like having a superhero managing your time!

CRM for edtech company, this means smooth coordination for team meetings and collaborations. Meeting reminders ensure that important discussions are never missed.

Fixing follow-ups instantly with Tabbly calendar feature keeps everyone in the loop, promoting efficient communication.

The ability to reschedule with ease means flexibility, allowing the company to adapt to changing needs.

In a nutshell, Tabbly makes time management a breeze, helping EdTech companies focus on what they do best – delivering top-notch education solutions.

Highly Secure & Private

We are deeply dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of our users' data. We employ robust encryption protocols at every stage of data processing, ensuring the utmost security. Additionally, we utilize advanced hashing techniques to transform static data into 17-character randomized hash codes, further enhancing data protection.

TLS 1.2 via HTTPS Secure
Your data is fully encrypted in-transit (TLS 1.2 via HTTPS) and in the database (256-bitAdvanced Encryption Standard). We ourselves cannot read data in our user CRMs.

Searching for The Best Edtech CRM Solution?

Discover Tabbly CRM, the ultimate in simplicity and power. Our CRM for edtech empowers you to effortlessly onboard unlimited team members on the fly. It seamlessly integrates all your lead sources, offering real-time call tracking and recording software for your team, and provides comprehensive CRM software for sales automation. With our intuitive web and mobile apps, managing leads has never been easier.

Ready to streamline your lead management? Sign up now, and experience the future of effortless CRM. Click here to get started!

Q: Why opt for Tabbly over other CRM software choices?

Selecting Tabbly is a smart move because it adjusts to your specific business requirements, making it suitable for a variety of industries. Tabbly is cost-effective, ensuring it doesn't strain your budget. It seamlessly scales with your business, ensuring a lasting solution. Tabbly offers valuable features, including easy integration, robust data security, and mobile device accessibility. Furthermore, it stands out with top-notch customer support, training resources, and customization flexibility.

Q: How can I ensure that Tabbly aligns with my business's future goals and expansion?

Tabbly isn't just a short-term solution; it's designed for the long haul. It grows alongside your business, adapting to your increasing needs. Tabbly's customization options allow it to mirror your unique business processes. Consider Tabbly as a reliable partner on your business journey, dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and fostering successful growth.

Q: What's the procedure for introducing Tabbly to my team and providing them with training?
Lead management crm
Bringing your team on board with Tabbly is a straightforward process. Its user-friendly interface ensures a quick learning curve for your team. Tabbly provides a wealth of training resources, such as tutorials, documents, and training sessions. Think of it as having a built-in guide to assist your team in getting accustomed to it. Tabbly is committed to ensuring that your team can efficiently utilize the platform, experiencing its benefits from the get-go.

By: Anushka Mishra


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