Real Estate Custom CRM Development

Get a Real Estate Custom CRM Built for your business with unique features, all at a one-time cost.

Completely Customized 100% Owned by you One Time Cost

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One Time Cost, 100% Customized

Tabbly is trusted by companies of all sizes

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Pay One Time, Own Life Time.

We help you in building a Real Estate Custom CRM for the dynamic growth of your business.

Having a Custom CRM system which is 100% In-House can make all the difference in streamlining operations, managing leads effectively, and nurturing client connections.

  • alternative text Build on Tabbly CRMs Existing Technology
  • alternative text No Per Member Licensing, 100% Ownership
  • alternative text One Time Cost & Secure

Real Estate
Custom CRM Features

100% Customized

Get a completely Custom CRM designed for your Real Estate Business Needs.

Lead Management

Manage all your leads, opportunities directly inside your Custom CRM for Real Estate.

Deal Tracking

Track all your Deals inside your Real Estate Custom CRM Dashboard.

Third Party Integrations

Integrate your Real Estate Custom CRM with Major third party apps.

Analytics & Reporting

Get in-depth insight into your organization activity with Custom Real Estate CRM.

Team Management

Manage your team on the go with team management module.

Property Management

Add, Manage & Organize your Properties and get deeper insight into sales & inventory.

Managed Hosting

No worries to host or manage your Custom Real Estate CRM

100% Ownership

You own the entire platform as it is 100% Customized as per your Real Estate Business Needs.

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100% Custom CRM Owned by You.

We extend our services to assist companies in constructing Real Estate Custom CRMs using our existing technology.

With us, there's no need for the hassle of self-hosting and managing the CRM Development, allowing our clients to focus on their core operations while we handle the technical intricacies.

  • alternative text One Time Cost
  • alternative text Unlimited Members
  • alternative text 100% Ownership & Customization

Tabbly's Custom CRM
VS Ready Made CRM

Tabbly's Real Estate Custom CRM Service
  • 100% Customized CRM
  • One time Cost
  • Add all Required Real Estate CRM Features.
  • Deal Management
  • Property Management
  • API Integrations
  • Your Custom CRMs Android & iOS Apps
  • No User Limitations
  • Property Viewing/ Visit /Tour Booking Mechanism
  • 100% Secure with Security Layers
  • Get Additional Features added post deployment
  • Completely Managed & Hosted by Tabbly for Lifetime
  • On-Priority Customer Support
  • Get Regular OS Updates from Tabbly Ecosystem
  • Hosted & Managed by Tabbly on your Server Instance
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Ready Made Real Estate CRM
  • Doesn't Contain Required Features
  • Monthly Cost
  • No Customization
  • Migration Issues if CRM Switch
  • Not Private or Secure
  • Pricing Per Member
  • Limited Features When Business Grows
  • You have no Control over it
Nah! I still want a Custom Inhouse CRM
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Get Custom Made Mobile CRM Apps

Allow your team members to use your Real Estate Custom CRM from their iOS or Android Phones

  • alternative text Get iOS & Android Apps
  • alternative text 100% Sync with Web Version
  • alternative text End to End Maintainance & Updates

Tabbly Custom Made CRM V/S IT Agencies

Tabbly already has all the building blocks required for a Custom CRM for Real Estate. Our CRM Development Service Team will activate all the required modules for you.

You even get customizations that are required within the pre-built module so that each feature works as per your requirement.

An IT Firm would build a CRM for you with a one-time development cost, But it will require major time and monetary investment. The outcome is uncertain. IT Firms do not only create CRMs but would create eCommerce Stores, Apps etc for various Clients.

Whereas Tabbly is a CRM Platform. If your Custom CRM is built on Tabbly Technology, It will grow with your Business. Tabbly's Ecosystem gets regular integration updates, new features and modules that are requested by customers across. Which you can also import in your Real Estate CRM through simple steps after years of development. IT Firm developed software would require you to maintain it, bear maintanance fees. Tabbly provides lifetime support & development assurance.

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Highly Secure
& Private

We are deeply dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of our users' data. We employ robust encryption protocols at every stage of data processing, ensuring the utmost security. Additionally, we utilize advanced hashing techniques to transform static data into 17-character randomized hash codes, further enhancing data protection.

TLS 1.2 via HTTPS Secure
Your data is fully encrypted intransit (TLS 1.2 via HTTPS) and in the database (256-bitAdvanced Encryption Standard). We ourselves cannot read data in our user CRMs.

Integrate with all the
tools you use and love

Our users love the Tabbly experience

Sarah Johnson
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“Tabbly revolutionized our lead management strategy. We were looking for Custom CRM Development Companies. The integration with Facebook Ads and website leads has been a game-changer. It's an essential tool for any marketer looking to maximize lead generation."”

Rated 4.5/5 - from over 100 reviews
Michael Davis
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“Tabbly has made team management a breeze. Our sales and marketing teams now work together seamlessly, thanks to its intuitive interface. We've never been this efficient.”

Rated 4.5/5 - from over 100 reviews
Emily Parker
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“I can't imagine managing leads without Tabbly. The activity tracking is spot-on, and it helps me stay on top of every lead's progress. It's a real time-saver!”

Rated 4.5/5 - from over 100 reviews
David Martinez
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“Tabbly's CRM Process for lead distribution is gold. Assigning leads and setting reminders is so simple. It's significantly boosted our conversion rates and team productivity.”

Rated 4.5/5 - from over 100 reviews
Amanda Turner
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“With Tabbly, we've seen a remarkable improvement in our Google Ads campaign ROI. The seamless integration and detailed insights have transformed the way we advertise.”

Rated 4.5/5 - from over 100 reviews
James Williams
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“Tabbly has turned call management into a breeze. No more missing important calls. The call tracking feature is a lifesaver for our sales team.”

Rated 4.5/5 - from over 100 reviews

Got any questions?

Tabbly is a CRM Software platform that helps businesses build a Real Estate Custom CRM Platform with 100% Customization at a one time cost.

Once we note all your requirements for your Real Estate Custom CRM development, we activate and build all the required functionality on your Tabbly Dashboard. A working version is provided within a week with ongoing improvements that complete within five weeks.

Tabbly Team creates your Custom CRM that you can use for life. If you want additional features a year later of deployment, that is also developed by our product team. Regular CRMs work on a subscription. You cannot customize them completely to your needs and you lose access when you don't pay.

Tabbly is a platform that helps real estate businesses build their custom CRM. We already have modules prepared for most features. IT Firm start from scratch, take months to complete and no certainty the end result will be bug free. On top, you need to bear the entire expense and ongoing maintainance cost. Once development completes, you need to take care of the software, servers and tech. Else you need to pay them a maintainance fee which can anytime be hiked. Tabbly builds, maintains and hosts the entire Real Estate Custom CRM themselves without sharing tech headaches with you.

Tabbly offers a portal where customers can request our product team to add any feature for life, and they'll do it for you. The best part is Tabbly's core platform and ecosystem. As your CRM is built and maintained on top of Tabbly's Core Technology Platform, you receive regular updates, features, and integrations for a lifetime. If any other customer requests us to build a certain feature, our team builds it on our core platform first and then connects it to their CRM. Hence, all our customers can benefit from each other by staying a part of the Tabbly Ecosystem. Your CRM never get's old unlike the one that an IT Agency builds.

Tabbly offers value for money pricing. The pricing is usually calculated based on the fee you would pay a ready made CRM per month multiplied by five years time. That one time cost is then proposed. This way, in the price of a ready made off-the-shelf CRM you get a 100% customized and ever evolving CRM Inhouse at fraction of the development cost. And yes, You also get a demonstration and training to let you explore the platform.

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